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Step 3. Develop a project/ activity and report your progress
For each of these areas develop a project or event

Asset Supporter - Asset supporter project
Asset Builder - Asset-building project (ask young person assisting to do the survey and develop a project/ activity to help them in their weak areas)
Asset Leader - Inspirational project (develop a project/ activity to inspire young people in education, sports, leisure, volunteer-service)
Quiz Instructions: For each asset rate your child 1 - 10 (1 = least, 10 = highest)
External assets that score 1 - 4 are THREATS/
External assets that score 5 - 10 are OPPORTUNITIES
Internal assets that score 1 - 4 are WEAKNESSES/
Internal assets that score 5 - 10 are STRENGTHS
Determine the areas of threat/ or weakness that you need to work on to increase support for your child.
Step 2. Do the Asset Survey
Learn about the assets that will help your child succeed
Step 1. Read the Asset List
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An Asset Supporter 
a parent/ family member or friend of a young person committed to encouraging them to develop their assets.
An Asset Builder
a parent/ family member or friend of a young person committed to helping them to build their assets.
An Asset Leader
a parent/ family member that rallies others together to inspire young people.
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