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An Asset Star 
a young person committed to consistently develop their assets.
An Asset Champion
a young person committed to helping another person to succeed.
An Asset Leader
a young person committed to inspiring their peers.
Step 3. Develop a project/ activity and report your progress
For each of these areas develop a project or event

Asset Star -
Personal development project (start with weaknesses first)
Asset Champion -
Asset-building project (encourage a friend to do the survey and develop a project/ activity to help them with their weaknesses if you are strong in that area)
Asset Leader -
Inspirational project (develop a project/ activity to inspire other young people in education, sports, leisure, volunteer-service)
Determine the areas you need to work on
Quiz Instructions:
For each asset rate yourself 1 - 10 (1 = least, 10 = highest)
External assets that score 1 - 4 are THREATS/
External assets that score 5 - 10 are OPPORTUNITIES
Internal assets that score 1 - 4 are WEAKNESSES/
Internal assets that score 5 - 10 are STRENGTHS
Step 2. Do the Asset Survey
Learn about the assets that will help you succeed
Step 1. Read the Asset List
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