Raising successful kids takes more than just a single family or school; it takes an entire community. An engaged community requires many people-educators, faith community leaders, parents, governmental figures, and others-to come together to support youth.
Part of CIYDC’s mission is to provide communities with the resources and information they need to organize and mobilize individuals and groups on behalf of youth. The planning for youth success initiative is the intentional approach of CIYDC to ensure that its secretariat is equipped to coordinate communities across the Cayman Islands as they engage and mobilize to develop the assets of their young people.

Community initiatives based on the Developmental Assets, work thoughtfully to determine how people in all spheres of life can be involved.  There are five action strategies identified by the Search Institute for transforming a community towards positive change.

Influence civic decisions
- by influencing decision makers and opinion leaders to leverage financial, media, and policy resources in support of this positive transformation of communities and society.

Activate sectors
of the community-such as schools, congregations, businesses, and youth, human service, and health-care organizations-to create an asset-building culture and to contribute fully to young people’s healthy development.

Engage adults
from all walks of life to develop sustained, strength-building relationships with children and adolescents, both within families and in neighborhoods.

Invigorate programs
to become more asset rich and to be available to and accessed by all children and youth.

Mobilize young people
to use their power as asset builders and change agents.

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