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Community - Asset Building Tips & Ideas
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For healthy growth and development young people need to experience caring communities/ neighborhoods.
When communities empower their youth by giving them leadership opportunities, support from caring adults, and chances to make a difference, the communities in turn become safer, healthier, and better places to live.

Here are some simple ideas communities can implement to build the assets of their youth and ensure this experience:-
General Tips
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Go out of your way to meet and greet your neighbors
Once in a while, leave messages (with chalk on sidewalks or by handing notes on doors) saying how much you appreciate a certain neighbor. Do this for neighbors of all ages.
Be aware of graduations and other major events in the lives of children and acknowledge them.
Organize a neighborhood book swap for both children and adults. Ask neighbors to donate books they're already read and have everyone come to find new books.
Create a neighborhood walking club! It's good exercise and a great way to strengthen relationships with your neighbors.